Web Development

We started developing websites 20 years ago. We have seen them start as nothing more than basic online catalogs, ending up a vital part many of our client’s business. Many web developers are not designers at all. They are often in the IT industry and are proficient not in design, but networking. What makes Graphik Jam unique is our dedication to graphic design. Our sites not only look great, but they also work great. Technical knowledge plus great design – a winning combination.

Now is the perfect time to let Graphik Jam look at your overall web strategy, and make recommend where we think you can improve or enhance your website.

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Not all businesses need to sell products or services directly on their website. After a quick consultation, we have found opportunities to sell online that weren’t obvious before. From small online stores, to large industrial product listings, and anything in between, we can get you up and running fast, with minimal hassle. We do all the work you don’t have time to do yourself.

Contact us today and see how we can improve your online e-commerce solution as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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SEO + Google

Aside from mobile/responsive site design, Google and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the number one topic for discussion when starting a new website project. While some companies rely heavily on Google AdWords (the paid listings), we focus on natural-seo.  Google has specified many specific rules a modern website and it’s content must follow. Our sites are built from the ground up to best optimize on all modern search engines. As Google changes the rules, we adapt our existing sites to keep up.

Not sure if you are doing all you can do with your website? Let us take a look and make some recommendations on ways to improve your search engine results.

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Hosting Services

A great website can be compromised with a slow, unreliable web host. Todays modern database-driven websites need a hosting platform beyond your typical commodity-level servers can provide. We’ve been fine-tuning our hosting systems for 20 years and have created our own custom-web hosting services. Speed, highest up-time in the industry, and peace of mind all come included with our Gjam Hosting services.

Web hosting should be invisible to everyone. But, it’s often a serious problem for many small businesses who use well-known, but cheap hosting.

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