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3D Product Rendering

Modern manufacturing companies need to have CAD models of their products. When it’s time to put these products online, in catalogs, or in other printed materials, the traditional method for images was through photography. For certain products, a quality photograph is still priceless. However, we have invested heavily in high-end rendering software that turns flat, boring CAD files into photo-realistic images. The results are stunning. Using renderings instead of photographs allows us to turn products to any angle needed, any size, any color, with shadows or without shadows. This saves time, and money, and the end result is the sharpest, pleasing images possible.

Using renderings in place of photography is a great way to present the best possible image to your customers.

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High-quality photography has always been extremely important to us. Whether we take photos ourselves using our own in-house studio, come to your office, or research stock-photos, the photos we use in our projects receive the attention they deserve.

Great photos can be used numerous ways – portraits, product photos, building fronts, anything at all. Let Graphik Jam handle all your image needs.

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Video Production

Video is often overlooked by many businesses. However, if done correctly, including videos into your marketing can prove extremely beneficial. From training videos, new product introductions, retail store tours, manufacturing highlights, interviews with company principles, nothing is off limits. When making basic web searches with google, you will often see a video come up at the top of the results page. We can help you map out a plan to build your own YouTube Channel just for your organization’s marketing purposes.

Getting started with Video is easy. A short discussion will allow us to recommend a simple plan to start showing your potential customers what makes your company unique.

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