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Print Design

Nothing says more about your business than the image you give to your customers through your companies overall design strategy (or lack of one!). With over 25 years of real-world graphic and print design under our belts, we know what works and what doesn’t.

From updating your old logo, choosing more modern color schemes, all the way to a complete brochure and marketing materials update, we can do it all.

Now may be a perfect time to let Graphik Jam look at your overall design strategy, and make suggestions on how to improve things.

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Logo & Identity

Many companies underestimate the importance of their logos. A properly designed logo can make a small company look big, or a big company look current, or any company look competent.

Sometimes, a logo just needs a little updating, still maintaining the overall look and feel, but with a more modern, timeless visual.

We’d be happy to look at your current logo and identity package, and make suggestions on ways to improve your image.

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Technical illustrations can prove extremely valuable for many catalogs and industrial projects. Crisp, accurate line drawings, graphical illustrations and photo retouching can all help convey the message you need to your customers.

No need to find a separate illustrator for your projects. We have a long history of creating compelling artwork to go with our design projects.

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Print Management

Even the best design on a printed project can be wasted if the final printed piece doesn’t keep up it’s end of the bargain. We have partnered with the leading wholesale-only printing specialist to give our customers the ultimate quality, and incredible pricing. Not to mention the sheer convenience of simply approving the quote after a project is completed, and having the job delivered right to your door. We’ve had close ties to the printing industry since our inception, and our knowledge on all things printing pays off for our customers.

Speed, cost savings, and zero hassle. It’s what makes our Print Management unique among our competitors. It’s guaranteed.

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